TIP #17: Don’t eat more than one egg per day. It is best if you can reduce your egg intake to
three a week.

TIP #18: White bread is good, but high fiber multigrain breads are much better. These breads
are another way to add more fiber to your diet and they also have a good protein level.

TIP #19: Eat foods from all of the food groups each day. This is a great way to ensure you are
getting all the nutrients your body needs and it helps to ward off any diet deficiencies. Also,
don’t eat the same foods all the time. Experiment so that you don’t get bored with same old

TIP #20: Try to eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. This is the best way to give your
body the jump start it needs. Don’t wait until you are really hungry. Breakfast is important, but
you don’t need to stuff yourself. The idea is that you’re breaking the fast from not easting all

TIP #21: Your diet should include all aspects of the food groups including carbohydrates. In
fact, your diet needs to be about 50-55% carbs. Carbs are a great source of energy. Those diets
that prohibit carbohydrates are actually harming you and only making you crave them that
much more. Your diet should cause you to be deficient in anything.

TIP #22: Proteins should make up only 25-30% of your diet. Far too much emphasis is put on
meat as the main part of your meal. In actuality, it should be considered more of a side dish
rather than the main course.


TIP #23: Watch your fat intake. Each fat gram is 9 calories. If you know your total calories
then you can figure the amount of fat in those items.


TIP #24: Fats should make up 15-20% of your meal. This is really all the fat your body needs. A
lot of this is going to be in your diet in the form of cream, sugar and the like.

TIP #25: Try to go as vegetarian as you can. This really is a healthier lifestyle, even if you can’t
cut meat out completely. The more fruits and veggies you can eat the better. The more meat
you cut out, the more fat you can cut out of your diet as well. However, protein is important,
so be certain that your option allows you to maintain good protein levels.

TIP #26: Try grazing five to six times a day. These are those small meals we discussed earlier.
Some people lose weight better when they never feel hungry and grazing on healthy food items
can do this for you. Plus, it keeps your metabolism working, which will burn fat naturally.

TIP #27: Pork does not assist in weight loss in any way. The less pork you eat, the better off you
will be when trying to lose weight. Pork has a high fat content and includes food items such as
bacon, ham and sausage.

TIP #28: Limit your sugar intake as much as possible. If you must have sweetener in your
coffee and tea, try to find an artificial sweetener that you don’t mind the taste of. However,
these things are not all that healthy either and should be limited as well.

TIP #29: Don’t worry about cheating, but don’t cheat for a meal. Eat sweets and your favorite
cheat food for the flavor only. If you want dessert after dinner, share one with the whole
family. You’ll get the flavor, but not the pounds.

TIP #30: Take it easy on the salt and try to cut what you use in half. Salt is one of the main
causes of obesity.

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